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Integrating Oracle Application Server with Oracle eBusiness Suite

We will provide some tips on how to integrate key features of Oracle 10gAS with the R12 EBS Applications suite.
First, we will provide a quick summary of the architecture that exists within Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 in terms of Oracle 10gAS.

Oracle Metalink Note # 415007.1 is a FAQ that provides a useful summary of ways to integrate the Oracle R12 EBS Suite with Oracle 10g Application Server. Even though Oracle Weblogic is the heir apparent for future Application Server/Fusion Middleware directions as evidenced by the SOA suite products, fact is that Oracle 10g Application Server is the core middleware technology at work for Oracle R12 Applications E-Business Suite.

One key difference between a stand alone Oracle 10g Application Server environment versus R12 EBS is that the Oracle 10gAS Infrastructure is NOT SUPPORTED in the Release 12 of Oracle E-Business Suite for Oracle 12i Applications. Oracle Metalink Note 251627.1tells further details on how to workaround this issue.

Oracle Application Server 10g integration with Oracle EBS R12

Oracle EBS R12 uses many of the components that exist in Oracle 10g Application Server. For Oracle R12, these include:

- OHS- the Oracle HTTP Server (Apache 1.3)
- Forms Server
- Reports Server
- OC4J- Oracle Containers for J2EE

What versions of Oracle Application Server 10g can be used with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12?

Oracle EB R12 has an Oracle 10g application server instance (10.1.2) that runs the Forms and Reports Services. In addition to this application server instance, we also have a secondary application server instance (10.1.3) which is used to run the OC4J instance. By default, when you install Oracle EBS R12, these 10gAS instances are installed and created by the R12 Rapid Install process.

Oracle R12 EBS supports the following Oracle Application Server 10g services:

Single Sign-On 10g (
Oracle Internet Directory 10g (
Portal 10g (10.1.4)
Discoverer 10g (
Web Cache 10g (
Oracle Business Integration 10g (10.1.3)
Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10g (10.1.3)

A complete discussion on how to setup and configure all of these products with EBS R12 would require a book in itself so I will kindly refer you to the Oracle EBS R12 Tech Stack Roadmap guide available in Oracle Metalink Note # 380482.1

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