Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Configure Static IP on Linux

Steps to follow:

1.      From  Windows desktop , do the following from  command prompt:
                ipconfig  /all

                note down:
                Subnet mask
                Default Gateway             
                DHCP Server
                DNS Primary
                DNS Secondary

2.      From your RHEL or CENTOS  VM:  ( Always   login as   su  -   root   from the terminal) 
    Do :
1.        System-config-network
2.        Create new device  eth1
3.        Give the above information  taken from windows.
4.       Give new  ip.
5.       Save and exit
6.       As root,  execute:

     Ifdown eth1

    Ifup eth1
7.       do  ifconfig :  Your  new ip should  appear.

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