Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Add new route to connect to another network

My VM Linux  IP  is  and I want to get the remotely shared files  from  my Windows-box://   using samba share :  smb:// :

These are the steps i have followed to make it work:
Steps  extracted from this link to  do it in our  RHEL 6 VM:  (  allowing  172.18.25.*  ip addresses  machines to   reach   172.18.24.*  network )

1.ifconfig eth1 down  ( First make the eth0/eth1 down, i have eth1 configured by default)

2.route -n   :  shows all gateways to destinations

3.ifconfig eth1 netmask up

4.route -n   :  verify

5.route add default gw

6.route -n  : verify

[root@rhel6 ~]# route -n
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway            Genmask         Flags  Metric  Ref    Use  Iface      U     1          0        0     eth1              UG    0         0         0     eth1              UG    0         0         0     eth1

Here is a good article on  routes, gateways and ips.

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