Thursday, 29 January 2009

What does Saibaba want us to do?

Here are the things which he preached and practiced, when he was in his physical embodiment..

1)Have full faith in your duties and perform them with utmost respect and sincerity.
2)Have complete control over your emotions.
3)Eat less, sleep less, talk less.
4)One should get rid of his/her laziness and always be actively involved in any kind of work he/she does.
5)Remember Sai at least once in a day especially before taking food.
6)Never do any serious fasting in the name of japas and vrathas.
7)Dedicate some part of your time towards charitable activities.
8)Spend money with in your limits.You should be neither a spend thrift nor a miser.
9)Last but not the least, one should have great reverence for his/her parents and Gurus.

!!!Om Sairam !!!

Let us try to follow his teachings and become his beloved disciples.He will save us from all the hurdles of life.

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