Sunday, 25 January 2009

M.S Bits-Pilani

I am sure many of us know about this,but just thought of sharing my own opinion.

Here is some useful information for working IT folks who are motivated to pursue a higher degree in software systems (A Distance learning Program).I would strongly encourage you to pursue it from one of the India's most reputed institutes Bits-Pilani.This degree adds value to your professional career assisting you mount the technical ladder with in no time.

Especially for guys like me who are from non-computer science background can have a large scope of learning and perceiving the big-picture behind the evolution of the software industry.I am currently pursuing my 2nd semester, M.S - Software Systems.

The kind of curriculum provided by BITS is as brilliant as a gemstone. It requires a steady effort and firm discipline in carrying studies out to complete the course.Initially I was hesitating to take up the course doubting whether I could finish off the course successfully or not.But,my belief that knowledge is the one that counts more than success or failure drove me to take this up.

M.S-SS course includes four semesters with dissertation at the end.Selection of subjects is up to the interest of the individual.In a nutshell one would get a complete idea of the software systems if he/she invests time in understanding the subjects.Most people I have seen have taken this course to obtain just a higher degree. Along with this if we put considerable amount of effort for careful study of the courses involved,we can grow as professionals of sound technical knowledge.

People who have missed the chance of an M.S in U.S or M.Tech in our IITs may still be proud enough of obtaining M.S from BITS-Pilani.

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