Monday, 17 November 2014

Fetch Uniq elements from the array efficiently using grep or hash

Through hash:

my %faculty_hash = ();
foreach my $facs (@faculty) {
  $faculty_hash{$facs} = 1;
my @faculty_unique = keys(%faculty_hash);

Please note: Some of the answers containing a hash will change the ordering of the array. Hashes dont have any kind of order, so getting the keys or values will make a list with an undefined ordering.
To preserver the order of the elements use grep:

my %seen;
my @unique = grep { ! $seen{$_}++ } @faculty;

Other ways:
use List::MoreUtils qw/ uniq /;
my @unique = uniq @faculty;
foreach ( @unique ) {
    print $_, "\n";


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