Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Change the hostname of the solaris 10 with out reboot

uname -S <new host name>

This change will exist until the next reboot. 

If you want to permanently change the hostname you need to modify the following files:

Assuming that you have allowed the operating system to configure the primary interface for you, there are three (3) files you must change:
<interface> will be the primary ethernet interface for the system. Some examples (depending on your architecture) will be bge0, hme0, e1000g0, eri0, qfe0. Here's an ad-free answer for future reference.
Also change the savecore directory to reflect the new hostname in /etc/dumpadm.conf, and you may also need to edit /etc/inet/ipnodes, depending on the exact version of Solaris. 

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