Monday, 9 December 2013

Increas Swap space in HPUX

2 ways to increase the swap space
1.   By using SAM
SAM > Disk and File Systems > Swap > Actions
You can add the Device Swap or File System Swap.
2.   By Command Line
Create the logical volume for your secondary swap:
# lvcreate -L 128 /dev/vg14

NOTE: "-L 128" is the size of desired swap

Verify the logical volume:
# lvdisplay /dev/vg14/lvol15

Use SAM to declare your new secondary swap or use the command line:
# swapon /dev/vg14/lvol15

Verify it has been added in "/etc/fstab" when using SAM, or add it manuallywhen using the command line.

/dev/vg14/lvol15 . swap defaults 0 0

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