Sunday, 23 September 2012

23-Sept-2012 Muthathi-Sivasamudram-Talakkad Trip

This sunday, We had a nice trip to kaveri river waters near muthathi , sivasamudram and talakkad.

My mother-in-law,aunt and sister-in-law reached bangalore  saturday night. 
Me and my wife along with my neighbor shailendra and his wife keerthi, all 7 of  us  travelled to all the places mentioned. This is a good time to go to  Kaveri waters and sivasamudram.

First, we went to Muthathi a place on the banks of river kaveri.This place was named after Lord Hanuman had found the pearl stone of Lord Rama which fell into kaveri waters.There is a temple for Hanuman here called as "Muthathi Hanuman" temple.Unfortunately, we did know that. I came to know only today after speaking to poojari garu about my trip. 
Water Fall  stream force was amazing  as sivasamudram. Lots of visitors have come to take bath and play under the water fall. We went to Talakkad from there and tool darshan of  Lord Shiva.We also went to Somnathapura  temple which about 28 KM from Talakkad.By the time we reached somnathapura, temple was closed as it was around 7 PM. Temple is open between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

What ever it might be, our trip was full of fun and joy!!

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