Sunday, 14 August 2011

Life Insurance Policies

Which insurance policy is better ? LIC Jeevan anand , saral  or  SBI insurance policies?

There are many insurance companies in the insurance industry. Every thing starts from the insurance agent approaching the prospects to show all the insurance plans and get them signed up.But many people do not ask or scrutinize about what policy is best suited for their needs.Eventually, innocent people are ending up paying large premiums for the companies resulting in losing most of their in the form of commissions to the agents and development officers.But, Yes there are good money back policies which will give sum assured + bonus at the end of the period.Best way to take insurance policy is to get a term policy from SBI or LIC. This has low premium with high cover.Though, you don't get money at the end of the period,but you will insured till you are active and as long as you work and your family is dependent on you.Obviously, When you become 60+, you will become depend up on your children.SO, you do not need policy there after as insurance is not for human life, it is for the income he generates when he is actively working for the family.

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