Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Earth's Axis shifted after Chile's quake

Earth’s Axis – - An earthquake that toppled Chile also caused the axis of Earth drift and Richard Gross a scientist at NASA has logic to prove his verdict.

What Gross believes is that 8.8 jerk moved our planet’s axis by at least 3 inches thus shortening the days’ time by a 1.26 millionth of second.

If his theories are to be believed, the rotation of planet earth must have been affected by the devastating magnitude 8.8 shocker that caused hundreds of deaths (795 so far) and damaging countless residential as well as business structures in Chile. Since the difference in days’ time is not significant enough, the same might not bring perceivable direct environmental changes. The global temperature or weather thus remains as it is now.

To Richard’s understanding, the axis of Earth have experienced a permanent change since magnitude 8.8 earthquake is highly capable of doing so and theNASA scientist believes that it caused inevitable redistribution of mass. Shift of 3 inches or 8 centimeters to Earth’s axis occurred due the location planet Earth was in at the time the quake hit. The earth’s mass moved vertically, theNASA authorities further explained, and it was due to a steeper angle of sliced fault through the earth.

The figure axis responsible to balance the Earth’s mass, were more effectively shifted due to extremely powerful jerks resulting near Chilean coastlines that also triggered tsunami that later flooded countless islands too. Gross says that our Earth is a rotating body and since any particular mass movement results in changing the rotational speeds of any rotating body like Earth; the figure axis had to shift.

What happened after the earthquake is that its rotation speed has increased a bit further thus the duration of days has been shortened, though extremely unnoticeably. In simple words one can explain the whole theory as a game of balance. The earlier magnitude 9.1 massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused massive axis-shifts too i.e. 6.8 microseconds lessened from each day’s time.

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