Friday, 11 December 2009

The World Of Stars

On 21st Nov 09 , I went to Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium near cubbon road in bangalore to attend a session on the world of stars,their evolution and their impact on human race.It was an awesome session that involved great learning experience of forgotten things of my childhood study.It was the time for me to recall the theories i had gone through in my 10th standard abut a supernova, black hole and big bang theory etc.I learned some authentic and wonderful facts about our sun the life give of the entire planet.Here are the facts about our lovely and magnificent universe.

1)The energy and mass produced by sun every sec is approx. million times the mass and energy of the entire human race on earth.
2)One light second unit (unit of distance b/w celestial bodies) is equal to 3 lakh kilometers.
3)Our sun is at a distance of about 4 lakh kilometers from earth.
4)All sunsigns like Zodiac,Taurus,Gemini,Virgo and Scorpio etc.. were derived from the shapes of the lightning stars in the night sky.
5)Age of our sun is about 5 billion years.
6)The reactions happening in a distant star as observed by our greatest scientists of all time namely kepler, galeleo, Hubble etc.. were the ones that happened in the star thousands of years ago; as it takes that long time for the light of the star to reach our planet.Stephen Hawking an English Physicist as written in his book,The history of time;if we assume time as a dimension in space and travel to the distant star light years away from us with in no time,then we can see the future on earth i.e,what happens on earth 1000 years later..

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