Friday, 6 March 2009

Suzuki GS150R

Finally after a lot of wait and eagerness,I bought a right bike which exactly fits my taste of bike riding.So, I thought of writing my first week riding experience on my brand new Suzuki GS150R.It's been a joy of riding so far for me with its fantabulous power and splendid comfort in riding.Suzuki's caption "Raw power and stunning looks" perfectly defines this bike.
I have ridden Honda Unicorn and pulsar as well before opting for Suzuki.I can affirm that Suzuki GS150R is more smoother than Unicorn and more powerful than pulsar.You never need to come to first gear at all.At 4500 rpm its speed reaches 60 km/hr.You can hit the top gear at 35 km/hr speed.Its seating comfort gives more pleasure in riding than any of the 150cc bikes in the market.
Coming to the special features of the new GS150R,It is equipped with new engine technology inspired from Suzuki's international bike GSX-R.This engine has special dampers which guard the rider from extra vibration at high speed there by giving superior comfort to him.It's Digital speedometer has two modes ECO and POWER (speedometer signal lamp blinks at 6000 rpm to alert the rider that he is entering the power mode).Rider can set two trips TRIP-A and TRIP-B to find the number of kms travelled from source to destination point.Another unique feature about this vehicle is,the accelerator(throttle) is connected with two cables(usually every bike has only one cable connected to accelerator) to provide backup in case of cable failure.Rear integrated signal lights are perfectly designed to bring sporty look.Highlights are its powerful engine,seating comfort,sexy tank shape and excellent handling.Last but not the least
about fuel efficiency,it is consistently giving 40 km/ltr.

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